Staying safe and #flatteningthecurve

07.04.2020 is World Health Day. In this time of COVID-19 uncertainty and isolation, it is really important to look after your health, both mental and physical, by following the WHO’s (World Health Organisation) guidelines.  

Here are some quick tips you can follow to stay healthy, inside and out, during the coronavirus outbreak: 

1.      Basic protective measures

Wash your hands more frequently and thoroughly

Wash them before, during and after the meal preparation. You should also wash them before you eat, when you return to the house, after you blow your nose, sneeze or cough, and after touching rubbish. When it is not possible to wash your hands, use hand sanitiser, but bear in mind that it may be less effective.[1]

When you wash your hands, you should wash them for at least 20 seconds; to make sure you wash them for long enough, try singing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice![2]

Practice social distancing

Even if you are not in one of the at-risk groups (e.g. over 70s, pregnant women, have a long-term health condition or a compromised immune system[3]), social distancing can be an effective measure to help stop the spread of coronavirus and continue #flatteningthecurve. Work from home if you can and if you do have to go out, maintain two metre’s distance between you and anyone else. We suggest that you follow guidelines as recommended by your local authorities. 

What is my ideal solution?

Don’t touch your face, especially your nose or mouth.

This is a really effective way of stopping the disease from spreading from your hands to inside your body.[4] Make sure you follow this rule with due attention.

2.      Quick wins for life in self-isolation

Help each other, if you can

Try to do a video call if possible with your parents or your loved ones who are staying away from you. Virtual tools can be of great help to reduce this physical distance.

If you have children, keep them calm with a little structure

If your children are being kept off school, it may seem difficult to keep them entertained all day and stop them from feeling anxious. You can help by keeping to a routine. A little structure can go a long way in making them feel more secure. Write up a timetable (including free play, if you need time to work from home too) and try to stick to it![5]

Keep fit and healthy

Try to keep yourself as healthy as you can while in isolation. Make sure you eat well if you can, with plenty of fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water. See if you can fit in a little workout at home (there are lots of videos on YouTube you could follow).


Whilst it is important to keep healthy, your mental health will suffer if you focus too much on keeping structure and being productive during the covid-19 outbreak. Make sure you factor in time to do things you enjoy and spoil yourself occasionally by reading a book or watching a film.

We hope these tips help you to live life in full view during this outbreak. Remember to stay as calm as you can, eat well and take precautionary measures. Stay safe, everyone!

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