Your Simple Guide to Understanding Incontinence Stages and Choosing the Right Products that Suit You

Introduction Managing incontinence can be challenging, but the good news that it’s crucial to recognize that it’s a common and manageable condition. It’s a journey unique to each individual so this blog aims to explain the significance of understanding the diverse stages of incontinence and how selecting the appropriate products…

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How can you protect your mattress from bedwetting leaks?

Bedwetting (or nocturnal enuresis) refers to the involuntary leaking of urine while you sleep1. While the percentage of kids experiencing this condition decreases as they get older, it’s still a fairly common condition, affecting around 21% of four-and-a-half-year-olds2. Nonetheless, older children and adults can experience it too, and can be…

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Posture, Pelvic Floor Function, and Incontinence – It could be connected!

Hello, I’m Phillipa Butler, a Chartered Physiotherapist and Certified Pilates and Yoga Teacher.I believe that a regular programme of appropriate exercise is the key to a fitter and healthier future. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that, when trained, can help to ease the symptoms of bladder weakness….

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