Your Simple Guide to Understanding Incontinence Stages and Choosing the Right Products that Suit You


Managing incontinence can be challenging, but the good news that it’s crucial to recognize that it’s a common and manageable condition. It’s a journey unique to each individual so this blog aims to explain the significance of understanding the diverse stages of incontinence and how selecting the appropriate products can empower you to regain control, confidence, and an active lifestyle. Let’s break it down and explore the products that can help you or your loved ones manage this situation more comfortably. 

Stage 1: Occasional incontinence or stress incontinence 

If you’re experiencing occasional leaks, particularly during activities like sneezing or coughing, consider using incontinence pads or liners with light absorbency. These discreet shields effortlessly fit into your regular underwear, effectively managing minor leaks without any hassle. When delving into the frequently asked question, “Can stress cause frequent urination?”, in our blog, we explore the intricate connection between mental well-being and bladder health, providing valuable insights and improvement tips. 

The products can be worn in your own underwear. 

iD Light Advantages: 

  • Discreet and comfortable protection. 
  • Provides a sense of security during everyday activities. 
  • Helps avoid awkward moments that can arise from unexpected leaks. 

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Stage 2: Moderate or urge incontinence 

If you find yourself dealing with more frequent and sudden urges to use the bathroom, then it could be time for something with a bit more defence. Look for absorbent pads or pants with higher absorbency. They not only provide better protection but also control any unwanted odours, letting you go about your day confidently. 

If you are still active and want maximum protection, then consider pants with higher absorbency. However, you don’t have to let your life be ruled by bladder weakness. You can read our blog about a step-by-step guide to some bladder control exercises that may help improve your symptoms: Easy Pelvic Floor Exercises: how to strengthen weak bladder muscles ( 

iD Pants Advantages: 

  • Improved absorbency and protection against moderate leakage. 
  • Improved odour control for increased confidence. 
  • Elasticated waist and leg openings for a secure and comfortable fit. (for iD Pants) 

Stage 3: Severe incontinence or overflow incontinence 

In this stage, where leaks become more constant with more urine, then it could be time for the next level of protection. Highly absorbent adult all-in-one style or briefs are your go-to. They offer maximum absorbency, adjustable tabs for a custom fit, and advanced anti-leak features to keep you feeling secure. The constant contact with urine or faeces can result in skin breakdown, inflammation, and infections. It’s crucial to address these concerns promptly to maintain skin health and prevent complications. For further insights into incontinence and its impact on skin integrity, read the interview with Prof. Dimitri Beeckman titled “Incontinence and Skin Integrity (AID).” 

For maximum protection, we recommend our Slips wall-in-one products. 

iD Slip Advantages: 

  • Maximum absorbency for strong leakage protection and long-lasting comfort. 
  • Provides excellent containment, reduces the risk of leakage. 
  • Adjustable tabs for a secure and custom fit. 

Stage 4: Faecal incontinence 

If you’re dealing with faecal incontinence, where it’s about solid waste, it’s essential to note that stool is not absorbed by a product this is designed primarily for fluids. Thus, we recommend choosing products with lower absorption and to change them more often. If you’re still very mobile, then  iD pants could be a good option. For mobile, consider an all-in-one product like the iD Slip. 


  • odour control to maintain freshness and discretion. 
  • Soft and hypoallergenic materials for sensitive skin. 


Incontinence doesn’t have to be a barrier to living life to the fullest. Managing continence care can be different for each person, so finding the right product for you can make a significant difference. Whether it’s a light pad, discreet pants, or all, the goal is to help you regain confidence and an enjoyable lifestyle. Just discreet pants   

Remember, talking to healthcare professionals is key for personalized advice on managing incontinence effectively.