Symptoms for Bladder Weakness: What’s My Level?

Do you leak a few drops in your underwear? Or do you sometimes have accidents at night? Or do you know you have bladder weakness, but don’t know how severe is it? Also, what signs for bladder weakness are there? 

In this article, you will learn how to record your own symptoms for bladder weakness, as well as what products work best with every stage of bladder weakness. 

What is Self-Monitoring? 

Self-monitoring is when a patient records their symptoms independently, outside of direct medical observation. For people with bladder weakness, this usually means recording trips to the bathroomurges, and accidents in relation to diet and liquid intake.  

There are several ways to monitor your symptoms for bladder weakness. The two most popular are: 

  • Paper-and-pencil bladder diaries. Tried and true, these monitoring charts help you track your bladder symptoms in relation to your dietary intake and the time of day. Several bladder and continence organisations offer print-ready bladder diaries on their websites. Nevertheless, a simple notebook and pen are always an option. 
  • Online tracking apps. Compact and paper-free, virtual voiding diaries are appearing in the health app marketplace. Vesica, for instance, resembles a pencil-and-paper bladder diary with its simple, straightforward interface. Other apps, like Clue, have customisable options that allow them to adapt into bladder diaries. 

With regard to self-monitoring, ease-of-use comes first. It’s normal to try a few methods before finding the one you can use the most consistently and accurately. This way, you can start tracking bladder weakness signs.

What is my ideal solution?

Symptoms for Bladder Weakness: How to Interpret? 

Regular self-observation leads to self-interpretation, which makes it easier to manage your condition. Unfortunately, patient-oriented resources for interpreting bladder diaries are few and far between.  

Below we have listed the three general degrees of bladder weakness, which help you find the best medical care and products for your individual needs. 

Little Discomfort 

  • You lose a few drops per day. 
  • You have noticeable bladder discomfort and/or urges, but they do not affect your daily functioning. 
  • You believe that your bladder weakness is not severe enough to warrant medical attention. 

Weak Bladder 

  • You have more frequent leaks and occasional accidents
  • You have bladder discomfort and/or urges that affect your daily functioning. You find it difficult to control your bladder when it is full, and you sometimes have accidents at night.  
  • You have sought medical attention for bladder weakness, but you do not need specialised care. 

True Incontinence 

  • You have heavy leakage or total loss of bladder control
  • You have bladder discomfort and/or urges that significantly impact your daily functioning, to the point that you cannot work outside the home. 
  • You have sought medical attention for bladder weakness, and you receive in-home care or monitoring from a specialist.   

Although these criteria are helpful, not two people have the same experience with bladder weakness. Think of these categories as loose guidelines made to help – not dictate – your wellness journey. 

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I Have Recorded and Interpreted My Bladder Weakness Symptoms. What’s Next? 

After you record and interpret your symptoms, it is always best to share your insights with your doctor or another healthcare provider. They can help you decide the next steps in your treatment, as well as provide more intense medical interventions.  

Your bladder diary data can also help you make decisions outside the clinic, especially when it comes to over-the-counter items. iD offers a number of options for every degree of bladder weakness

  • Little Discomfort 

Ultra-comfortable & highly discreet Pads for complete protection against occasional leaks. Some pads, like iD for Men, are designed for the male anatomy. Others, like iD Light, and iD Light Advanced, are small enough to fit in a purse, pocket, or wallet. 

  • Bladder weakness  

Absorbent underwear for form-fitting security against heavier leakage and accidents. The iD Pants range features an ultra-soft texture and anatomical shape, while iD Intime offers a cottony, real-underwear feel perfect for feminine forms. 

  • True Incontinence 

Our iD Slip and iD Innofit ranges offer dependable protection for day and night-time bladder weakness. They provide high-volume protection with a real-fabric feel that will keep you comfortable through the night. 

At iD, we work to provide customers of all shapes and sizes with affordable, high-quality products. Check out our webshop to find what you need to help you live a life in full view